John Swift

John Swift

Many authors write books about events, their lives and their environment,
and their corrupt government. One satirical author who wrote a novel about
living in a corrupt society is Jonathan Swift who wrote Gullivers Travels.
The places the protagonist had visited reflected on the authors English
government. The life of the author will be shown similar to this book
because of the way he lived.

Jonathan Swift was well educated and graduated from Trinity College in
Dublin in English literature. He not only had a life in literature but also
had a life in politics. This experience helped him write many satirical
essays and novels against England and Ireland. His first political job was
to work for the remarkable statesman, Sir William Temple from 1689 to 1699.
During that time, he also became a minister for the church of England in
1694. After Sir William Temple died in 1669, Swift became a pastor of a
small Protestant parish in Laracor, Ireland. He was ordained in 1694. His
skill as a writer was greatly appreciated within the church and was well
known in Dublin. If one were to divide Swifts career into “periods,” the
years 1710-14 would naturally fall into the

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