John Smith

John Smith

Colonial Day Book Report

The book that I chose for my Colonial Day book report is This Dear-Bought Land by Jean Lee Latham. It was published in 1957 and is 246 pages long.
The story begins very dramatically when Christopher Warren, on his way to the dock were the ships are leaving for Jamestown, is killed. His son, David Warren, is told by his dying father to go in his place on the voyage to create Jamestown. David makes it to the flag ship where he meets John Smith. John Smith dares David to work in the Fo?c?sle (working on the rigging, sails, ect.) instead of being a gentleman. David takes John Smith up on his dare and works in the Fo?c?sle for the rest of the voyage. A short while after the ships cleared the English Channel John Smith is accused of plotting a mutiny and is held prisoner on the Discovery for the rest of the voyage. When the ships finally reach the West Indies, David brings John Smith some fruit from shore by lying that he was to do so by Captain Newport, captain of the flag ship. David admits to

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