Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Violence in Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte uses violence in several scenes throughout the novel.
The violence in the novel is not fatal to anyone, it is just used to
catch the readers eye. This novel consists of many emotional aspects.
For example, the violence in the scene where Mr. Mason gets attacked.
The attack really upsets Jane and Mr. Rochester. In the novel Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte uses several acts of violence to create suspense, mystery,
and characterization.

This scene is probably the best one to create the suspense of the novel.
It keeps a person interested in the book and wanting to know what happens
next. There is no way of knowing why this happened, who does it, or if Mr.
Mason is going to live or die. That is why Charlotte Bronte used violence
to create this kind of suspense. So a person would be interested enough
in the novel to keep reading.
The mystery is a mystery itself, there is a secret at Thornfield and Jane
can sense this. Then there is the mystery of the person who committed

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