In this essay I will be comparing and contrasting the movie Ironwill and the book The Odyssey. I will also tell you there goals, if there similar or different, if or what there obstacles where, and what was there outcome of there journeys. First I will contrast them from each other. Second I will compare them to each other and tell you how they are alike. When I am comparing I will try to find out what there goals where for there journeys and there outcome.

First, The Odyssey is a lot different than Ironwill. The Odyssey was about the Trojan War where these sailors sailed to Troy where the war took place. The sailors where gone 20 years. They had obstacles such as Sirens who would sing a song and draw the ships that passed by onto rocks where they would get stuck. Also they where distracted by Cyclops where they spent several days trying to get away from him.

In Ironwill this boys father dies and his family almost lost the farm because of debts that need to be paid off. So the boy remembers his father

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