Accordion crimes

Accordion crimes

Racism and segregation among different races took place since the beginning of time, ?Accordion Crimes? by E. Annie Proulx explores a similar situation of new immigrants coming to America seeking for a better life also known as the American dream but soon realize what its all about. The story spreads over about 100 years. The life that immigrants were living was very difficult. Racism and discrimination was part of every day life, it can be pretty similar to what Muslims have to go through since the catastrophe of September 11, 2001 that changed the world for ever. When new coming Italians arrived to United-States, they were all seen as part of some mafia, generalization was punishing those that had nothing to do with it like the Muslims today. What can be done to stop hatred between races The easy answer is education, but that?s not the only solution.

In order to recreate the world of new immigrants coming to America Proulx didn?t use traditional narrative style but instead tried to use fragmentation style by not giving full complete stories which didn?t link to one another except of the accordion which was passed from family to family. By the traveling of the

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