Individual Vs. Society

Individual Vs. Society

The Individual and Society

?I and the Government of which I am a member want you to regard us as friends. Yes, friends. We have put you right.? In A Clockwork Orange Alex?s? war with society is evident from the start of the novel. By using ?ultra-violence?: murders, rapes and gang beatings, Alex terrorizes the society in which he lives. Society seeks to destroy the individual who clashes with their ideals. By using Ludovico?s Technique on Alex, Society is able to destroy Alex?s ability to terrorize but at the same time destroying Alex?s ability to choose Good or Bad. Society and Man will always be at war but ultimately Society will sacrifice the individual for the perceived greater good of Society.

Alex?s? values and his version of fun is so contrary to the values held by the other members of society that a regular evening for Alex and his friends can leave both physical and mental scars in the bodies and minds of regular people for the rest of their lives. On a typical evening

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