In The Shadow Of Plenty

In The Shadow Of Plenty

In the Shadow of Plenty
By George Grant

In the Shadow of Plenty, by George Grant, is a book that explains that the model of evangelism and wedding word with deed. Christ does this through the Bible and from the beginning He shows judgment with grace and charity. God showed this to Adam and Eve when he extended their lives and also charity by covering them. Isaiah followed this pattern and an example of this is the Good Samaritan. He was a model to teach early Christians about the works of charity. The Bible teaches that we must depend on the Lord alone and not on the men of this world. Ahab dishonored this when he entered into the alliance with the enemies of God. When evildoers serve as our security, then all we have given them is authority and dominion over us. Allowing the government to do our jobs for us is permitting them to have ?undue authority and unwarranted dominion?. This also limits the evangelistic impact that we have. The Bible

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