Reflections On ?The Heart Of Darkness ?

Reflections On ?The Heart Of Darkness?

Heart of Darkness is a novel that depicts the adventure of one man. The reader views the immense change that takes place in the protagonist as he journeys deep into Africa. This novel forces one to examine his/her definitions of savagery and civilization. Joseph Conrad?s Heart of Darkness is a tale that can be read as an adventure story about the jungle, or, on a deeper level, a story that examines the evils of society.

The novel begins on board the Nellie, a small European ship on the Thames River. The scene is that of a calm, quiet day with the crew lounging on the deck. The people on board are the anonymous narrator, Marlow, the Director of Companies, a lawyer, and an accountant. As the men sit in peaceful conversation, Marlow begins his story about the time he ventured deep into Africa. The story is relayed to the reader through the narrator.

Marlow starts his tale by expressing his fascination with becoming an explorer, which led him to seek a job working for the Company. The Company was an organization that extracted valuable ivory out of

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