Mabel Maney

Mabel Maney

Historically, many groups of people have been subjected to much scrutiny or lack of acceptance from society. Acceptance in current society, sadly, is often based on gender, ethnicity, social class, or sexual preference. In ?Kiss the Girls and Make Them Spy,? by Mabel Maney, the characters exist in a reality where sexual preference plays no role as to whether they?re accepted in society. The novel is based on a world in which homosexuals are not denied any rights, and are extremely accepted. Maney cunningly utilizes many literary elements to present her readers with more insight on the unfairness of the way homosexuals are treated today.

Through the use of paradox, Maney is able to present readers with a reality where homosexuals are extremely open with their sexuality, and suffer no consequences from doing so. The main character in the novel, Jane Bond, ironically, does not feel uncomfortable or uneasy by indulging in public displays of affection with her female partner. At a local

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