Relationships In Everyday Use

Relationships In Everyday Use

Relationships in “Everyday Use”

Like Dee in “Everyday Use”, some people never learn the real value of family love. There is an unconditional love that comes with family. You love someone for the person they are inside. That is what is important. It is not where you live, or what type of clothes you have, or even what your family looks like. The material things should not matter. Unfortunately, some people forget this and loose sight of what really matters. The story of “Everyday Use” is a perfect example of this.

The author lets us know right at the beginning that there is some kind of conflict between the mother and Dee that has kept them apart. When the mother starts to tell us about a dream she has where she and Dee meet again on a TV talk show, she makes a reference to the way she really looks, “large big-boned woman with rough, man working hands” (492). Then she says that is not the woman she is on the show. She is the way her daughter wants her to be, “a hundred pounds lighter, my skin

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