Protagonist In ?A Good Man Is Hard To Find ?

Protagonist In ?A Good Man Is Hard To Find?

1. The Grandmother in ?A Good Man is Hard to Find? was a very interesting character whom I found myself liking very much. I found her to be very stereotypical of a southern grandmother. In fact, she reminded of my own grandmother! While she could come across as controlling or manipulative, I found her to be a good lady with quite a bit of style and a flare for conversation.
When we enter the story, we are faced with the Grandmother arguing with her son, Bailey, about the family trip. ?The Grandmother didn?t want to go to Florida.? As her point of argument, the Grandmother was pointing out the fact that an escaped convict who calls himself the Misfit has escaped from the Federal Pen and is heading to Florida. She argued that her conscious could never allow her to take her family in the direction of criminal of that kind. However, it seems that the Grandmother was really only saying this to try to get the family to go to Tennessee, instead, to visit some of her friends. Although at first it seems her family is simply treating her rudely by paying her

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