Koran Thousands And One Nights

Koran/Thousands And One Nights

According to Arabic Scholar Robert Irwin, the culture that produced the Thousand and One Nights is the same culture that embraced the teachings of Muhammad contained in the Koran. Write a paper in which you analyze one or more episodes from Thousand and One Nights in relation to a passage from the Koran. Do the values represented by the two texts correspond to each other or do you see a conflict

Even though the work of the Thousand and One Nights represents basically a female that is a strong and clever idol and continuously imaginative and creative, it seems like the Prologue of the Thousand and One Nights is a story not in favor of women. It corresponds with the writings of the passage ?Women? in the Koran. The values represented in the ?Prologue? of the Thousand and One Nights confirm the ones written in the Koran, ?4.Women? because men are represented as authoritative and forceful whereas women are portrayed as beautiful ?things?, there only to obey, entertain and please the male characters.

When King Shahzaman in the Prologue of the Thousand and One Nights saw his wife cheating on him he concluded that one couldn?t trust women. Although he

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