Pride And Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice

1900?s British Society

Comparing the 1900?s in Britain today would make 100 years seem like much more. Over the past years Britain has gone threw changed in women?s roles and rights, clothing, and even things like marriage. What was normal then would probably be breaking laws now. Both societies would seem alien to one another and you will understand it after reading the next few paragraphs.
Woman?s rights one hundred years ago were very scarce. Women were basically put on the earth back then to clean the house, make dinner and have children. Women could go out and get a job as a maid or maybe selling goods back then but it was poor money and only really families let their women work. Women were not even able to vote which most people take for granted one hundred years later. Women have come a long way over the past one hundred years to being equal as men in almost all aspects of life.
Clothing was also quite different one hundred years ago. Women and men were very conservative. It was important to look the best you could at all

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