Natural Roots Of Man

Natural Roots Of Man

Although, when compared to the complexity of men, that of animals may be considered much less, it is not fair nor correct to say that humans and lower animals do not share the same roots. This can be displayed in the similarities a teenage male may show to a tomcat, or in the way a mother is over-protective of her children the same way a canine would be of her pups. The sport in which the characters of man and animal especially overlap is the sport of hunting. The idea that men and animals are naturally equal may be illustrated, through various employed literary elements, in the short story, ?The Boar Hunt? by Jose Vasconcelos, as well as in the poem, ?The Fox and the Woodcutter? by Aesop.

In ?The Boar Hunt? by Vasconcelos, the looming idea of adventure attracts four friends to the sport of hunting. ?On Sundays [they] used to go on hunting parties. [They] roamed the fertile glens, stalking, generally with poor results, the game of the warm region around the coast, or [they] entertained [themselves] killing birds that flew in the sunlight during the siesta hour? (Vasconcelos 8). The author, through

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