Beauty Is Blue Eyes

Beauty Is Blue Eyes

Beauty is Blue Eyes
Beauty is considered in many different ways. Some say it is all in one?s body. Some say it is the intelligence of a person. Some say ?beauty is in the eyes.? In the novel The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison, beauty is in the eyes, social class, and skin color. The thought of beauty surrounds and consumes the characters, especially Pecola Breedlove.
Pecola chooses to hide from her disabling life behind her clouded dream of possessing the ever so cherished ?bluest of eyes?. The Breedlove?s constant bickering and ever growing poverty contributes to the emotional downfall of this little girl. Pecola?s misery is caused through the touch of her father?s hand and of her community?s struggle with racial separation, anger, and ignorance. Her innocence is harshly ripped from her grasp as her father rapes her sad existence. The community?s anger with it?s own insecurities is taken out on this poor, ugly, black, non-ideal, young girl. She shields herself from this sorrow behind her obsessive wanting for blue eyes. But her eyes do not replace the pain of carrying her own father?s baby. Nor do they protect her from the judging eyes of her neighbors.

When Claudia, Frieda, Pecola,

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