Play It As It Lays

Play It As It Lays

By: Joan Didion

This is the story of a famous actress and a period in her life where everything was chaos.
Maria the actress name, seem to be a women that had married a movie director or producer name Carter. Her life with him was complicated. It seemed that they both had a promiscuous life, her more than him. There was a lot of careless sex, drugs and alcohol. At the same time there seemed to be a lot of psychological difficulties.
The book starts by giving a description of the characters, by showing a scene of their lives.
Maria, who seems to be a very disturbed person, starts by commenting that she has slept with another man and that now she is pregnant. She seems very confused, having mix feelings about the pregnancy. She already has a daughter that as I understood correctly is mentally disabled and lives in a hospital. I think Maria believes that this baby would probably be born the same and she also worries what Carter reaction is going to be when he finds out that is not his. She goes back and forth with this feelings of sadness and confusions, and she does

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