Monkey In The Middle (an Analisis Of The Novel The Great G

Monkey In The Middle (an Analisis Of The Novel The Great Gatsby)

Monkey in the Middle

Within all live the forces of good and evil, tearing at the soul the heart and the mind. The good stands as the one to be desired, the one to strive for no matter what the cost, the evil lives in the dark, shut up and hid from the outside world. One hides evil, it is socially unacceptable to parade it around in the light of day, letting the world see the nature of man could scare all and that is not acceptable but this is what the evil in ones self loves; to be shut in the dark, waiting. Daisy is the epitome of the good in ones soul; she is pure and whole, she loves and is loved and like that little girl down the way, she laughs at ones jokes and scorns at ones misbehavior. F. Scott Fitzgerald felt strongly of the forces of evil and felt no single person could embody the limitless aspects of that dark side so he simply employed multiple characters to do its biding. Myrtle embodied the lust and desire that draws one to that bane of the human race; she represented all that could be evil in a

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