COUNTDOWN by, Ben Mikaelsen

?? Crazy Peak, MT
?? Dakar, Senegal,
?? Endeavor (space shuttle).
Main Characters:
?? Elliot Schroeder, a 14-year-old boy who goes to space.
?? Vincent Ole Tome, a boy about the same age as Elliot who is from Kenya.
?? Vincent??¦s father, a Maasai warrior.
?? Elliot??¦s father, a rancher.
Point of View:
?? Narrator
?? I think that there are a few points to this story. One, is that friendship can help you get through a lot of different types of hardships. The second, I think that the author is trying to tell you that you never know when you wake up in the morning, if your going to make a friend for life.
?? Fourteen-year-old Elliot Schroeder has always dreamed of becoming a pilot, but his father expects him to stay on the familys ranch in Montana,

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