A Farewell to Arms

A Farewell to Arms

Character Analysis
Frederic Henry
Frederic Henry, an American ambulance driver and a lieutenant (“tenente”) in the Italian army, is the narrator and protagonist of the novel. The focus of the novel revolves around his love with Catherine Barkley as well as his steady disillusionment with the war. Henry is characterized initially by a sort of detachment from life-though well-disciplined and friendly, he feels as if he has nothing to do with the war. These feelings of detachment are pushed away when Henry falls in love with Catherine and begins to realize the hostile nature of the world. In this way, Henry serves the function of a character who becomes initiated in Hemingways philosophy of an indifferent universe and mans struggle against it.

Catherine Barkley
Catherine Barkley is an English nurse serving at the Italian front. Due to the untimely death of a fiance previous to the events of this book, Catherine has already been initiated into Hemingways philosophy, and exemplifies the traits of the Hemingway code hero throughout the novel. She is characterized primarily by her disregard for social conventions as well as an unfaltering devotion to Henry.
A friend of Henrys, the young priest of the division is characterized by his ability to

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