POCAHONTAS: The Life and the Legend

This is a book written by Frances Mossiker about the life of the famous

Native American Princess who is best known for keeping peace among the new English

colonists and the Powhatan Nation; she is also credited with saving the life of John Smith.

This book of 383 pages is well written and very thorough. It goes into great detail

regarding Rolfe?s love for Lady Rebecca (her baptized name). From the instant John

Rolfe recognized his emotional involvement — ?from the very instant that this beganne to

roote it self within the secrett bosome of my hart,? love rather than lust, as he insisted —

his conscience, a Puritan conscience if one is to judge by his scriptural exegesis, caused

him a veritable torment, day and night, waking and sleeping (?the many passions and

sufferings wch I have daylie, howerly, yea in my sleepe endured?)> In what he called ?this

my godly Conflict,? he sought divine guidance in ?dailye and earnest prayers,? as he

confessed by letter to Marshal Dale, a formal letter inscribed, ?To you. . . (most noble Sir)

the Patron and father of us in this Countrye,? wherein he

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