The Hobbit

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien takes place in a world of pure fantasy. This amazing new world has differences, as well as similarities, to our world. This fantasy world, Middle Earth has been created using both Tolkiens imagination and details of reality from our own world. By incorporating these realistic elements of our world into the book, the author allows the reader to find a common thread with the characters and their surroundings.
Most of the differences between Middle Earth and todays world are found in creatures and their actions that can not be found or enacted in our world. One of the best examples of this in The Hobbit is the presence of magic. Gandalf, the wizard, is able to help the characters out of a large amount of dangerous situations by using his magical powers to hurt or destroy their enemies. He set Wargs on fire while they were trapped in a tree and made a bolt of lightening to kill many of the Goblins who had surrounded the group in a cave. The magical ring, which was an important in helping the group survive in the book, allowed he who was wearing it to become invisible

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