Good Earth

Good Earth

The Good Earth is the story of human struggle against the indifferent forces of temptation. As defined in Webster?s New World Dictionary, temptation is to induce or entice, as to something immoral. Temptation plays a sizeable role throughout the novel. Wang Lung is enticed a myriad of time to commit acts that go against his morals. Most of the time he is able to overcome and conquer the temptation, but not always able to resist the amplitude of temptation, he sometimes gives in. To overcome temptation, one must have self discipline and a very strong will. Like the great saying goes mind over matter. Pearl S. Buck?s The Good Earth, is the story of Wang Lung having to life on a very curvy road. One of these curves is temptation.

Wang Lung has to overcome temptation all throughout the story. One example when he must overcome the temptation is when he wants to marry a beautiful woman with bound feet. ?And what will we do with a pretty woman We must have a woman who will tend the house and bear children as she works in the fields, and will

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