Entman, R.M. (1994). Representation and reality in the portrayal of blacks on network television & news. Journalism Quarterly 71 (3), 509-502

This article primarily focuses on the portrayal of ethnic minorities, immigrants and refugees in the mass media, especially in the written press. Some references are included about the representation of minorities in television, radio, film, and advertising. Also, only some works are mentioned about minority media and minority journalists.
There was a time when almost all the actors appearing in US motion pictures and television shows were white. As recently as the 1950s and early 1960s, when the civil rights movement challenged legal barriers based on race, blacks and other
Minorities were mainly used for comic relief in television programs. Programs such as Amos and Andy, which was a highly watched show by whites, but hardly watched from blacks.
Prior to 1969 broadcast news covered African Americans as if they did not live normal lives. The race riots of the 1960?s prompted President Lyndon Johnson to appoint a committee known as the Kerner Commission. The commission reported that the media played a direct role in the riots because they failed to present viewers with an accurate portrayal of

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