Capone: The Man of the Era
Laurence Bergreen (1994)
New York, Simon and Schuster

The history of organized crime in America dates back to when some of the first settlers came to America. Though there operations were much different than conventional techniques started in the 1900?s, services offered by organizations included protection of communities, prostitution, and selling of stolen goods. Throughout history the components of organized crime have still been the same. The ideological aspect, the hierarchy, exclusive membership, willingness to use violence or bribery, and the organization being regulated by rules has always been in place.
The book Capone: Man of the Era , is dedicated to these aspects of organized crime through the famous man Al Capone. This book illustrates the way organized crime works as a body and how the power of organized crime is tremendous in society now and then.
Book Summary
In this book Laurence Green describes the life of Al Capone who I believe is one the founding fathers of organized crime in the 20th century. Most of the information in this book was gathered by the media, the government, personal interviews, and books already published. The book describes the

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