Amado ,Jorge

Amado ,Jorge

In Itabuna county, Southern Bahia, Brazil. Jorge Amado born in August 10, 1912 to Eulalia Leal Amado de Faria and Joao Amado de Faira. Jorge Amado is well known for his some thirty volumes of fiction, theater, biography, memoirs, poetry, travel literature, and children?s stories.

The early Jorge. When Jorge was one year old, his father was wounded by an assanin?s bullet in an ambush at the Auricidia farm house. An year later Jorge and his family had to move to Ferradas and Ilheus because a flood destroyed Auricidia. At the age of six Jorge enrolls in school at Ilheus. Also his first brother Jofre was born.

In 1922 Jorge enrolled in borading school at Colegio Antonio Vieria in Salvador, Bahia. Jorge didn?t really like borading school so he ran away to his grandparents house in rural Sergpe state in Brazil. In 1925 Jorge enrolls back to school again at Colegio Ipirango in Salvador.
Araujo 2
Jorge got a job as a reporter for Diario da Bahia and that when his career in writing started.

In 1929 he published a novel written with Dias da Costa and Edison Carreiro in Rio de Janeiro. Later he moved to Rio de Janeiro to finish preparatory course.

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