Anne Rice

Anne Rice

The Life and Legend of Anne Rice
An Anne Rice Biography

An author creates a door to the subconscious that transports you to a dreamland, a place whose very existence is based on your imagination alone. Controlled by the pages of text before you, the land of enchantment is formed, awaiting its quest to be embarked upon. A writer who possesses such a gift of creation is Anne Rice.
Anne is one who can accomplish all with in her writing. She succeeds in creating an adventurous mind indulging experience for her readers. Her creations consist of mystical beings of the supernatural, whose enchantments subsist in the real every day world. Mrs. Rice contributes such detail to her characters and settings that they exist to all senses but touch.
Born on October 4th, 1941, Anne was given the name Howard O?Brien, after her Father. Not surprisingly she despised her birth name and demanded to be called Anne, this officially began on the first day of school when she was asked her name. It simply stayed through out her life then on after.
Though not seeming so, Anne?s family, along with most middle class families of the time, were struggling with

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