Airport Security

Airport Security

Airport Security, Safe or Not

In the early 60?s airport security wasn?t even an issue. Nothing was checked going on to the plane. Back then people felt secure, and safe. But as time went on, people started to threaten others on board. Sometimes even holding passengers and even the flight crew hostage. According to a CNN TV Show ?Airline Security Special Report? (Nov, 2001). In 1983, a plane was hijacked. Except in this high jacking, the highjacker got violent. After this incident happened, all carryon baggage was to be scanned and checked. This made the flyers feel a lot safer, and for a while stopped the high jacking. As time went on though, the highjackings got more sophisticated and more violent. Before 9-11-01 people felt safe to fly, but then we found out how easy it was for the highjackers to get the weapons on the plane. This is why I believe that airport security needs to get better.

The first thing, in my opinion, that needs to be changed, is checking the main luggage that goes under the plane. Yes the carryon luggage gets looked at good, but

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