Scramjet Powerplants

Scramjet Powerplants

scramjet powerplants

Higher, further, faster, carry more. These have always been the goals of aircraft designers from the very beginning of aviation history. Even today engineers and researchers attempt to build aircraft that will be able perform better. Throughout the history of aircraft design, the main limiting factor has been the performance of power plants. This is still going on today as we attempt to build engines that allow superior performing aircraft. Scramjet engines offer one potential solution to this problem. By the end of World War II we had the technology to build airframes that would fly higher, go further, faster and carry more, but there were no power plants available to power such aircraft. With the introduction of the jet engine aircraft took an enormous step forward. Although the jet engine offers a multitude of advantages over jet engines, there are still limitations. One of these is that jet engines have a limited operating speed. A speeds much higher than Mach 3 the turbine engines, with rotating blades and other moving parts are unable to stand the stress and pressures associated with high speed flight. Rocket power has been used in some applications. Some of these include experimental

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