Runways And The Environment

Runways And The Environment



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Runways and the Environment

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Environmental Reviews

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Interagency Cooperation

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Public Concerns




This paper discusses Runways and the Environment. If you?ve ever

flown on a commercial air carrier and found yourself sitting at the end

of the runway for hours waiting to takeoff, then you are already

familiar with problems of our air transport system. Some people

suggest making better use of the airways, others say, update our air

traffic control systems. But the bottom line is, if you put more planes

in the air, they all have to land somewhere. One of the major issues

challenging our air transport system is the building or expanding of

our runways. And a major hurdle to doing this is the environmental

review process. This process should take about 1-2 years to complete

but in some cases it takes over 5. The FAA and Congress are making a

concerted effort to address this problem. They have come up with

several good initiatives to help with over crowdedness at our nations

airports. In this paper I will discuss the three I feel are most important

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Chapter 1
Runways and the Environment
?The U.S. aviation system is facing a capacity crisis. Airline passenger traffic and cargo

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