One Level Of Safety

One Level Of Safety

One Level of Safety

The Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Federico Pena and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Administrator David Hinson announced that they are making the most comprehensive changes ever in aviation rule making. The article does not specify were the changes come from but I believe its the Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) part 121. The new Commuter Safety Initiative rules sets the same safety standards for passengers on scheduled flights regardless of size. Commuter airlines will be required to comply with the same rules as major airlines to include: operational, equipment, and performance safety standards.
Under the old system there were two sets of rules, one for aircraft with 10 to 30 seats and one with 31 or more seats. Commuter aircraft now must have the same or equivalent safety standards as major airlines. President Clinton said, ?A universal high level of safety for all commercial airplanes is a bold step forward in the interest of passengers, and demonstrates how commonsense government can make a real difference in the lives of all Americans.?
The new commuter rule also includes more comprehensive training standards dealing with Crew Resource Management(CRM). The CRM standards put into motion the

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