Bombardier And Embraer Who Is Right

Bombardier And Embraer: Who Is Right

The aviation industry has come a long way since the first flight by the Wright brothers. Orville and Wilbur Wright would have been astonished to see how far their invention has come. Major events in aviation history include the first passenger jet aircraft, the first jet that broke the sound barrier and the introduction of the Boeing 747. The use of jet aircraft changed the way people think about travel. Now it would take half the time to get to a destination as it would with a turboprop.

The two major aircraft companies today are the Airbus Consortium in Western Europe and Boeing in the United States. Both companies are in fierce competition over the airline industry. For several decades, Boeing had an advantage of having the largest passenger aircraft, the 747-400. But within the past couple years; Airbus came up with a new aircraft which is larger than the 747-400, the A380.

From its beginnings, air travel has been a luxury. After World War Two, air travel was considered a ?romantic? way to travel. It was reserved only for those who could afford it. As time went by, air travel was more open to everyone. In the

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