Long Range Navigation

Long Range Navigation

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Flight Planning Project

Complete the entire assignment on a Word document. Turn it in via the dropbox on HTMLeZ. Use the following format for both your title and file name: lastname_firstname_tp1_2 (failure to use this format will result in a point penalty). This project is due no later than the start of class on Thursday, June 19, 2003.

1. Select a country outside North America that begins with the same letter as your last name. If you are unable to find a country starting with the same letter as your last name, then use the next letter in the alphabet. BAHAMAS

2. Answer the following questions:

1. Are landing rights granted If so, what are the requirements What are the limitations
a. Private aircraft over flying or landing for noncommercial purposes need not obtain prior permission; however, prior notification is required to the airport of arrival and a flight plan must be on file. Permission must be obtained from the Ministry of Transport for obtaining over flight and landing rights for non-scheduled commercial aircraft.
b. Nonscheduled commercial aircraft landing for commercial purposes must obtain prior permission from the Secretary, Air Transport Licensing Authority, P. O. Box N975, Nassau N.P., Bahamas (TELEGRAPHIC

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