Becoming a Pilot

Becoming a Pilot

What I Knew

On the Saturday morning of my first flight, I woke up with anticipation of what was to come. During the previous night, I had been dreaming of my recent activities. The week before, I had talked to an Air Force recruiter. During the conversation, I told him of my desire to join the USAF. Also, I had mentioned to him that during the first three years I was enlisted, I would be working towards my bachelor?s degree. (The reason that I would do so is because you must have a bachelor?s degree prior to flying in the military.) He then gave all the information that I had shared with him, to my mother and father. My mother, being the sweetest person in the world, went right out and bought me an introductory flight lesson. On the Friday night before my first flight, she handed me an envelope, and I read the certificate out loud. I couldn?t believe that I was to start flying that next morning. She said, ?If you want to become a pilot, you might want to see if you like it firs!
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