The Events That Resulted in the Signing of
The Air Commerce Act of 1926

The Air Commerce Act of 1926 was the start of the regulation of aviation. It has been called the beginning of the Federal Aviation Administration. This Act put gave the Department of Commerce?s Aeronautic Branch the responsibility to certify pilots and aircraft and make initial rules for the new industry (Boeing 2002). This was an important step in the regulation of aviation because it made the United States acknowledge the potential of air commerce.
In the beginning of the century aviation was not controlled. Anyone who had the means to get in an airplane could fly it. This time was a dangerous time in aviation because there were many accidents due to lack of experience. At that particular time, aircrafts didn?t have the capabilities to make extended flights, and the high death toll resulted in skepticism that airplanes were too dangerous and would never progress to become a thriving source of travel or income. This high accident rate made aviation enthusiasts lobby for regulation to further progress this industry safely.
On August 12 1918 the Post Office began transporting mail by air.

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