Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation

MAS 608 Aircraft Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation: Key Players and Their Recommendations

For some time I have known that I don?t know everything. Granted, there was a time when I thought I did and I couldn?t be told wrong if you had the reference sitting in my face. Thankfully that has all changed. In life you begin to learn that there are people out there who know things you don?t and you start to realize that in some areas of life you might just need a helping hand. The same can be said on a bigger scale.
When companies don?t have the resources to get something done, they get outside help. If there are problems with their efficiency, they hire an efficiency expert to come and look at the problem. When an aircraft accident is being investigated there are a lot of factors that come into play. This raises the need for many experts on many aspects. In this paper I intend to discuss aspects of a few key players in accident investigations, their recent recommendations for safety improvements, and what they can bring to the table to try and reduce the

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