War-fighters Experiences Of Army Aviators

War-fighters: Experiences Of Army Aviators

The hardships of war take their toll on everyone wrapped up in them. Officers and enlisted men involved try hard not to change while they endure the hardships of war. Each man comes up with his own strategy for conserving his prewar character. This task is normally very difficult to accomplish though, because of the psychological as well as physical struggles that war brings on every man. These struggles involve the war itself, the general feeling being sent to them from the home front, and the way they deal with other people in battle with them. Finally, with everything going on around him, each soldier must weigh the ethical and moral aspect of what they are fighting for.
This discussion compares the experiences and characters of two esteemed soldiers: Edward Rickenbacker, and Truman Smith. These two men fought very different wars, but seemed to use very similar tactics in dealing with war. Through their valiant efforts, each of these men outlived the wars they fought in. In addition, they were also able to keep their minds relatively free from the weight of war.
Before Edward Rickenbacker and Truman Smith?s combat experiences can be compared, a little background information on each man

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