Children And Morals The Connection

Children And Morals: The Connection

In order for children to be successful in life, they must be taught that having morals is very important in that they can get them far in life. In order to learn these, they need some sort of religion to set the bar as to what is right and wrong. In most religions, you are required to have strong beliefs and good morals towards that religion. In most cases in the United States, that religion is Christianity.
The most important of the Christian laws are the ten commandments. They are the laws in which most Christians set their values and beliefs. For example, most people believe that it is wrong to murder, commit adultery, lie, and steal. But many people in today?s society breaks these laws every day, whether they know it or not. The one that is most commonly broken, though, is cheating.
Many people say that cheating is not a commandment, but it is. It may not say those words directly in the commandments, but it is an indirect commandment. Not only is it an indirect commandment, but it also has contained other commandments within itself. For example, when someone

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