Argument Research Paper

Argument Research Paper

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No-Win Situations

In ?No-Win Situations?, alfie Kohn talks about competition games, alternative theory, of how winning a game; minus the opponent can be beneficial in a team effort to achieve a certain goal. In game scenarios Kohn, explains the general theory of wining games against and opponent and how psychologically can affect the players. Different goals are set in multiple games, but to change those goals into accomplishing self-worth is Kohn?s principle. A relation ship or a positive achievement is on way to look at a certain goal. Furthermore, Khon says that in some games camaraderie can be achieved, but when the tables are turned for competition he states that sportsmanship is lost. The main focus is to beat another player, in end having a winner and loser. Overall, the author states that achieving a goal, by depending on the opponents failure is not always the answer. The author has done several research games with children. In studies he has found 2/3 of males and all female competitors liked the games without an opponent.

To further explain Kohn?s claim in one of his quotes he says,?Competition undermines self-esteem, poisons relationships, and holds us back from doing our best (pg.35)?. With

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