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Penelope was the paragon of marital devotion and fidelity. Penelope showed us exactly of how women?s character was to be played out. They were beautiful, intelligent, and submissive to their husbands and/or other men. The fact that Homer continuously mentions Penelope?s beauty shows us that this feature was expected of a woman. A quality in which Penelope was blessed with. At the beginning, Homer introduces us to Penelope saying this: “She came, then, down the long stairs of her house, this beautiful lady,” (Odyssey. 1.233). In every scene that the she performs, Homer states of her beauty.
Intelligence is shown to us by Penelope all throughout the books. For example Penelope says she will marry again once her sewing is complete, but every night she unwinds it, she is able to fool the suitors to avoid an unwanted marriage.
The women role of submissiveness is shown when the suitors

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