Changes in Roger Chillingsworth

Changes in Roger Chillingsworth

Changes in Roger Chillingworth

In the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter, there is a character by the name of Roger Prynne. He changes in the many different ways. His changes are physical, moral, and spiritual.
Roger Prynne changes physically over the course of the book. First of all he changes his name. He is the Roger Prynne and changes to Roger Chillingworth to hide form the shame of being Hester?s husband. He also changes his physical appearance. Before the book starts he is a well-dressed scholar form Amsterdam. Then at his first appearance in the book he is very wild looking with wild dress from living with Indians. Third of all, his expression changes. At the beginning he has a look of calm intelligence. Now his face has become somewhat ugly and evil looking.
Secondly Chillingworth changes morally. Before he enters Boston he is a very caring, selfless man. Then, as he sees his wife holding a baby, not his own, standing on a scaffold, his attitude changes to one of revenge. As the novel comes towards the en, it appears Chillingworth has transformed into a devil. He has become someone who is to the point of being selfish to the

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