Stars & Constellations

Stars & Constellations

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What is it that makes our universe work how was it formed and why is it here Is it merely for our enjoyment and livelihood, or is there from of a large picture aspect of it all It is hard to know why and how how our solar system came to be but there are several things in science that make it seem more that just a random collection of gases and dust particles formed together to make up a bunch of planets, stars, and all the various other strange phenomenon that you find in space.
It has been a question on the minds of scientists for years and years as to what made the galaxy form the way it did was it formed by a supreme being of some sort or was it just purely coincidence. My belief is that to a point there is a need for both sides of this argument and neither side is 100% correct. Although there is no way to prove whether or not there is a supreme being of some sort we have to take into account the fact that most of the world approximately 85-90% of all

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