My topic is the planet Pluto. I chose this planet because a lot of people don?t even consider it a planet. The earth?s moon is even bigger than Pluto. Other than that I don?t really know anything at all about the planet. I did also know that Pluto does intertwine with Neptune?s orbit.

Is Pluto really a planet Researchers have been trying to determine whether Pluto is really big enough to be a planet. Over the last few years, the gathered information on Pluto and the discovery of an increasing number of other objects in the outer solar system have been discussed within a group of astronomers called minor-planets. The planet Pluto is not given the respect of other planets and some have the indication to change Pluto to a minor planet.
Astronomer Brian Marsden of Harvard Smithsonian Center said if Pluto were discovered seventy years ago, it would be considered a minor planet. A minor planet is a term used to describe asteroids and most astronomers agree that Pluto is no asteroid. Marsden said it?s not a demotion for Pluto to be referred to as

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