Twin Sisters

Twin Sisters

The Twin Sisters

Venus is known as Earth?s sister planet because they are similar in mass, sizes density, and volume. But have you ever wondered how they are different. Venus is actually very different from Earth in many ways.
Venus is closer to the sun than any other planet except Mercury. Venus?s distance from the sun is about 67.2 million miles, compared with about 93 million miles from the Earth. Venus orbits the sun in a circular motion. The Earth and all other planets orbit the sun in an oval shaped motion. Venus takes about 225 Earth days to go around the sun once compared to earth?s 365 days. Unlike Earth, Venus does not rotate in the same direction in which it travels around the sun. Rather, Venus rotates in the opposite direction and spins around once every 243 Earth days.
Venus can be see going through changes in shape and size. These changes are called phases much like the moons. Earth does not go through phases such as those of Venus.
Earth and Venus do have some similarities when it comes to the their surfaces features. Both planets have mountains, valleys, and

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