The planet I have chosen is Saturn because I am intrigued by its many rings and its mythology. In Roman mythology Saturn is the God of agriculture. Saturn also is the root of the English word Saturday. Saturn has been known since prehistoric times. Galileo was the first to observe it with a telescope in 1610. He noted its odd appearance but was confused by it.
Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system, and the second largest located between Jupiter and Uranus. Saturn is much farther away from the Sun than we are here on Earth. Its average distance from the sun is over 850 million miles, compared to Earth?s which is 93 million miles. A year on Saturn, the amount of time it takes for this trip, is twenty-nine and one-half Earth years. A day on Saturn though is much shorter than one of our Earth days.
Saturn?s shape is visibly flattened at the poles and bulging at the equator, it?s equatorial and polar diameters vary by almost 10% (120,536 km vs. 108,728 km).This is because of its rapid rotation and fluid state. Saturn is also the least dense of the Solar System?s planets with a specific density

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