Passionate Writing

Passionate Writing

Lesson in Passionate Writing
When first assigned this writing topic I immediately thought about the inspiration to my writings. It was easy to look at the poems I write and say that the person I was writing to was my inspiration. But, I had no real inspiration to in class writings. So, an essay on that would be very bland. But, the way that I wrote in class writings was something I could pour my soul into. The way I approach the topic is fairly sporadic. I try to do some form of organized pre-write to help me cut down the time it takes for m final project but it just doesnt materialize.
As far as I can remember, I have always wrote the same way. I would just sit down one night and let go. Minor editing as I went along and, “BLAM”, I was finished. I would try to do some revision but the revision always took away from the voice of my work. The only thing that keeps the way that I write from one paper to the next is the unpredictable nature in which I write.

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