In 1942 during World War Two

In 1942 during World War Two, Australia fought in the Kokoda Track Campaign. The Kokoda Track is a narrow path that runs through the Owen Stanley Range in Papua New Guinea. The campaign went from July to November 1942 and consisted of many battles fought between the Japanese and Australians. Australia played a significant roll in the Kokoda Track Campaign, which was significant in the progression and outcome of World Was Two because it stopped the Japanese from gaining access to attack Australian mainland and shipping in the Pacific and the defeat of the Japanese inspired the Australians to continue fighting in the war. The success of the Kokoda Track Campaign saved Australia from being invaded or isolated by the Japanese, boosted their pride and it also improved their military operations and strategies.
Australia’s victory of the Kokoda Track Campaign prevents the Japanese from gaining a base at which could be used to attack Australian mainland. The threat of the Japanese attacking Australia loomed in everyone’s minds. Australia was already attack by Japan through the bombing of Darwin.