Fall 2017 Group Homework 11 Cherlin Chapter 9 Coontz Readings 5 25 Leonhardt

Fall 2017 Group Homework 11 Cherlin Chapter 9 Coontz Readings 5 25 Leonhardt (2010) (packet reading) Due to the inbox no later than 900 am on Thursday Nov 9th No late assignments accepted Cherlin Reading 9-1 How do the characteristics of unmarried parents and married parents compare What are the consequences of multipartnered fertility Cherlin Reading 9-2 Why had Ofelia stayed in the US during most of her son Germns childhood Why did Germn have mixed feelings about reuniting with his parents in the US Ofelia stayed in the US because there was no work in Mexico and the economic situation was very bad, her husband Ricardo wanted to migrate with their only child, German, but she worried where she would live when she got to the US and who would take care of her son. German had been living with his grandma his whole life and wanted to stay with her, he also felt resentful that his parents had left him and gave more attention to his US born sister, but at the same time he understood they migrated out of economic necessity to support him. German did not want his life to change drastically, he wanted his parents to return to Mexico to show that they care Mintz (Coontz Reading 5) notes that The Industrial Revolution had radical effects on the experience of childhood. What are the two divergent perspectives of childhood and who experienced which type Use specific examples from the reading to show how childhood varied in the 19th century by social class. What is windfall child rearing (Coontz Reading 25) Who experiences it, how does it play out, and what implications does it have for the relationships between parents and their children Leonhardt describes recent research by Chetty about the effects of having a good teacher in kindergarten. What does Chettys research show and how does it lead to the conclusion that we should pay good kindergarten teachers 320,000 a year The research showed that some teachers were able to help students learn vastly more than other teachers. Students who learned much more in kindergarten were likely to go to college than students with otherwise similar back ground. They were also less likely to become single parents. Good early education also impacts skills that last a lifetime such as patience, discipline, manners and perseverance. Children who do well in kindergarten test destined to do better in life based on who they are. Y, yu),[email protected]
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