As the plot progresses

As the plot progresses, Bruno slowly gets used to his environment. Before long, he becomes bored with his indoor trappings and decides to go exploring along the barrier that separates his family from the hordes of “neighbors” on the other side of the fence. He is curious about the “hundreds of people in the distance going about their business…wearing the same clothes as each other: a pair of grey striped pajamas with a grey striped cap on their heads.” On one of his jaunts, he befriends a boy his age named Shmuel and visits him daily, often sneaking leftover food for him from the kitchen. It turns out that he and Shmuel were both born on the same day and the two become quite close from the commonality. One day, Bruno decides to push his luck by pretending to be one of the “neighbors” so that he could help Shmuel find his father. It was an easy task for him because he had already shaved his hair-lice-inhabited hair, and the rest was to find a “striped pajama”. Unfortunately, they didn’t find Shmuel’s father just as it starts to rain and get dark, Bruno decides he would like to go home, yet the Nazis in the area of the camp force the boys to go on a march and were executed by the Nazi soldiers in a gas chamber.