This is a programme which is run by The Children’s Food Trust

This is a programme which is run by The Children’s Food Trust. It gives guidelines to the early years settings to promote healthy eating and meet the nutritional needs of children. This guide helps practitioners to encourage children to eat healthy food and keep them safe from obesity. Eating habits in the early years play an important role in the growth and development of children so that providing nutritious food will be very beneficial for children’s growth and development. Early years settings follow the practical guide of Eat Better Star Better on food and drink policy to meet the requirements of Early Years Foundation Stage.
This programme is also useful for the families with young children who are aged between 0 -5. It gives training to early years practitioners so that they can advise and support parents to make healthy food choices and ways to cook low-cost healthy meals. This helps parents to make and provide healthy meals and meet dietary requirements of their children at home. Parents can also get advice and suggestions for making eating fun for their fussy eaters.