MAINTAINABILITY Lemon Tree concentrates on conveying a sound triple primary concern’ i

Lemon Tree concentrates on conveying a sound triple primary concern’ i.e. Planet, People and Profit through its maintainability activities. A concentrated exertion on the planet’ through Eco-accommodating Practices and on individuals’ through its work in the zone of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), has assembled both feasible benefits and a solid notoriety for the organization.

The Lemon Tree Hotel Company has been granted a few references and honors reliably, demonstration of the extraordinary esteem and experience we give to our representatives, visitors, accomplices and society.

2012 National Award, Government of India – Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment: Outstanding Work in the Creation of a without barrier Environment for Persons with Disabilities (2012).

Positioned in the Top 50 substantial associations (;1000 representatives) in the 2012 investigation of Best Companies to Work For by the Great Place to Work Institute and the Economic Times. 16 hotels over the three brands were granted TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence 2012.

The Lemon Tree Hotel Company shall be India’s biggest and finest chain of upscale, mid-scale and economic hotels and resorts.

We shall be committed to:
• Ensures self-worth of our colleagues, where they are importance to us.
• Contributing to the society we stay and to India overall.
• Giving memorable experience to our guests, whose stay, safety, security and happiness is our main reason for us.
• Return for our stakeholders, whose trust gives us to improve further.
• Increasing the effectiveness of our processes, to enhance us to be the cost-effective brand giving the highest value, which our guests have right to look forward to.
Collaboration – We perceive that superlative execution is dependably the consequence of cooperation.
Possession – We generally assume liability for our activities
Regard and Empathy – We generally show regard and worry for associates, visitors and accomplices.
Honesty – We generally keep up the most astounding measures of decency and straightforwardness in every one of our dealings.
Energetic Fun – We make an energizing and vivacious workplace urging our associates to think uninhibitedly.
Perfection – We generally drive brilliance in what we do.

One of the directing standards of Lemon Tree Hotels is that the organization exists above all else for the prosperity of its representatives, the group it works in and society on the loose. We attempt different activities to accomplish these goals.

Traditionalist appraisals put the number of inhabitants in people with inability (PWDs) in India at 70 million of which 12 million (or 1% of India’s populace) are discourse and hearing impeded. Under 3% of PWDs are profitably utilized contrasted and between 33% and half in the created world. Lemon Tree Hotels has been procuring PWDs (100% discourse and hearing weakened individuals – for the most part from BPL people group) since 2007. At present, more than 6% of gathering workers (~ 130 individuals) are from this section of the populace. The gathering intends to build this number to 250 individuals by end 2013-14 (10% of aggregate workers). Lemon Tree has likewise built up a standard procedure to enlist individuals with handicaps into every one of its hotels dish India, including remote spots like Muhamma in Kerala. We are sure that our all around prepared diversely empowered colleagues will please you with their excitement and sharpness amid your following visit to any of our hotels.

Job satisfaction is degree to which an individual feels decidedly or adversely about his or her job. (Locke, 1976) Characterized job satisfaction as “An agreeable and positive passionate result arising because of the assessment of one’s job or job experience.” That is, it is the irregularity between what a worker esteems and what the circumstance gives. (Smith, 1969) Recommended that “Job satisfactions are sentiments or emotional reactions to aspects of the situation.”. (lofquist, 1984) Characterized job satisfaction as the after effect of the specialist’s evaluation of how much the workplace satisfies the person’s needs.
Equity Theory, Need-Fulfilment Theory, Social Comparison Theory, Facet- Satisfaction Model, and Job Characteristics Model recommend that job satisfaction is impacted by the assortment of variables. As per Maslow, job satisfaction can be accomplished by satisfying Physiological needs, Safety needs, Social needs, Esteem needs also, Self-Actualization. According to Philip Apple job satisfaction is accomplished through mentality towards work gathering, company and administrators, general workings conditions and fiscal benefits. It is likewise seen through (Garcia-Bernal, 2005) inquire about that the level of job satisfaction is controlled by four components: monetary viewpoints, relational relations, working conditions, and individual fulfilment. The person’s wellbeing, age, level of goal, social status and political and social exercises would all be able to add to job satisfaction. Research additionally shows that an abnormal state of job satisfaction has a positive effect is decreasing turnover, non-appearance, lateness mishaps, grievances and strikes.
(Aziri, 2011) Uncovers that says that, Job satisfaction speaks to a standout amongst the most intricate zones confronting the present supervisors with regards to dealing with their representatives. Many examinations have shown an uncommonly extensive effect at work satisfaction on the inspiration of labourers, while the level of inspiration affects efficiency, and henceforth additionally on execution of business organizations. Unfortunately, in our district, job satisfaction has even now got the best possible consideration from neither researchers nor administrators of different business associations.
(timothy, 2004)This article recognizes three noteworthy holes between HR rehearse and the logical research in the zone of worker states of mind by and large and the most central representative conduct specifically—job satisfaction: (1) the reasons for representative states of mind, (2) the after effects of positive or negative job satisfaction, and (3) how to quantify and impact representative states of mind. Recommendations for experts are given on the most proficient method to close the holes in information and for assessing executed practices. Future research will probably concentrate on more noteworthy comprehension of individual attributes, for example, feeling, in characterizing job satisfaction and how worker mentalities impact authoritative execution.
“Job satisfaction does not seem to reduce absence, turnover and perhaps accident rates”.
-Robert L. Kahn
“Job satisfaction is a general attitude towards one’s job: the difference between the amount of reward workers receive and the amount they believe they should receive.”
-P. Robbins
Job satisfaction defines as “The amount of overall positive affect (or feeling) that individuals have toward their jobs.” -Hugh J. Arnold and Daniel C. Feldman

Job satisfaction speaks to the constellations of individual’s state of mind towards the job. All in all, job satisfaction is the demeanour towards the job. Job satisfaction is an element of satisfaction with various parts of job, i.e. supervision, pays, works relation, work environment, and so forth, and of the specific weighting or significance one appends to these individual segments. The investigation of job satisfaction is a moderately late phenomenon. It can maybe be said to have started decisively with the acclaimed Hawthorne experiment led by Elton

Mayo at the western Electronic Company in 1920s over the span of examinations
In any case they end up plainly persuaded that components of a social sort were influencing satisfaction with the job and efficiency. Since the Hawthorne thinks about there has been a colossal yield of work on the nature, causes and corresponds of job satisfaction. The customary model of job satisfaction is that it comprises of the aggregate assemblage of emotions that a person has about his job.

This aggregate assemblage of emotions includes, in actuality, weighting up the whole of impacts of the job, the nature of job itself, the compensation, the advancement. The advancement prospects, the nature of supervision et cetera. Where the whole of impacts gives ascend to sentiments of satisfactions the individual is job fulfilled. Where in all out they offer ascent to sentiments of job dissatisfaction the individual is job disappointed. Enhancing any of these impacts will lead toward job satisfaction, making less acceptable anyone of the impacts will lead toward the job dissatisfaction. In any case, what makes a job fulfilling does not depends just on the idea of the job, however at work desires that people have of what their job ought to give.

Expectancy theory focuses to the significance of the person’s desires of his job in deciding job satisfaction. For people who have desires that their job should give them open doors for pay, challenge, a disappointment of the job to meet this desire will prompt dissatisfaction contrasted with a circumstance where no such desire is included. What expect desire of people will have of a job may change. For countless, some getting from social others from each personal causes.
(Christen, 2006) Provided a model for the job satisfaction, which they include the four elements they are job related factors, role perceptions, job performance and firm performance.

It was accepted for quite a while, especially by human relations specialists, that fulfilled, specialists were beneficial labourers, yet later analysts sounds it to be a myth. Most likely a few examinations have detailed positive connection between’s satisfaction and productivity however these are frequently not factually noteworthy.
In an audit of various research factors that job satisfaction did not really suggest high execution and that “generation might be as it were incidentally identified with a considerable lot of the objectives towards which the mechanical specialist might be endeavouring”. Connection between satisfaction and productivity is extremely intricate.
Job satisfaction can be defined also as the point to which a worker is satisfied with the rewards the employee gets out of the job, particularly in terms of intrinsic motivation (Statt, 2004).
The term job satisfactions refer to the attitude and feelings people have about their work. Positive and pleasant attitudes towards the work indicate job satisfaction. Negative and unpleasant attitudes towards the work indicate job dissatisfaction (Armstrong, 2006)
Finally there is still considerable debate whether satisfaction leads to performance or performance leads to satisfaction (Luthans, 1998)
The achievement of information exchange and learning sharing depends on representative job satisfaction also, the soundness of the work environment. Job satisfaction can be gotten from the level of match between a worker’s professional needs and the necessities of the job.
The scale is basic, members answer either yes, no, or can’t choose in reaction to whether given explanations precisely depict one’s job.
The Job When all is said in done List is a general estimation of job satisfaction.


The study consists of primary and secondary data. Sample size of the study is 49. The data were collected from the employees through questionnaires that are primary data and secondary data were gathered from books, articles, researches and internet. The analysis of the findings were done using frequency test in SPSS software.